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Adelaide Hearing Consultants clinical staff can provide information and training services for professional groups and in the workplace. Sessions are designed according to the needs of the audience and can range from a brief presentation at a staff meeting to a multi-day workshop with extensive hands-on practice.

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Communicating effectively with hearing-impaired people

Adelaide Hearing Consultants staff can provide workplace training about the issues facing people with hearing loss in the workplace and residents of institutions.

  • Ability to hear warning signals, e.g. reversing alarms, fire alarms
  • Effective communication between workers and between workers and supervisors, e.g. at meetings, training sessions, work-related social functions, one-to-one
  • Hearing tactics and strategies for improving staff communication with hearing-impaired residents
  • Access to hearing technology – hearing aids, communication devices
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Helping people manage their hearing aids

Adelaide Hearing Consultants Audiologists can provide short workshops for aged-care staff and volunteers, District Nurses, hospital staff and others on:

  • The parts of a hearing aid and how it works
  • Cleaning hearing aids and ear moulds
  • Checking/changing hearing aid batteries
  • Trouble-shooting and repairing simple hearing aid faults
  • Communicating effectively with a hearing-impaired person
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Identifying and Managing (Central) Auditory Processing Problems

Adelaide Hearing Consultants staff can provide short workshops for teachers, education support staff and allied health professionals on:

  • The signs of (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder – (C)APD
  • How (C)AP is assessed and (C)APD is diagnosed
  • Effects of (C)APD on language and learning
  • How to manage (C)APD and learning difficulties in the classroom using teaching strategies, acoustic modification and listening devices
  • Interventions including therapy and computer-based training
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Indigenous ear and hearing health

Dr Judith Boswell is a nationally-recognised expert in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ear and hearing health issues. She provides information and skills training in ear examination, treatment/management of otitis media, hearing assessment and management. She can provide visiting clinical audiological services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups and organisations in rural and remote areas of Australia.

Clinical Activities
Judith can provide ear and hearing screening and diagnostic assessment for Indigenous adults and children of all ages.  She provides all services in accordance with the Audiological Society of Australia’s ‘COMHeLP – Chronic Otitis Media and Hearing Loss Practice’ guide  and the ‘Recommendations for Clinical Care Guidelines on the Management of Otitis Media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations – 2010’. Judith works closely with local and visiting health and education services to provide integrated screening, audiological diagnosis and referral for individuals with ear disease and/or hearing loss.

Training Activities
Judith has had years of experience in rural South Australia, Far Western New South Wales, the Northern Territory, the Kimberley and Far North Queensland providing training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other health and education personnel. She provides talks and hands-on workshops to develop people’s knowledge and skills in identifying and managing ear disease and hearing problems. See the EarInfoNet for more information about common ear and hearing problems in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.  www.healthinfonet.ecu.edu.au

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